Ancient Coins Counterfeits Scientific Network

The problem of counterfeiting numismatic cultural heritage is global. Along with polluting the historical environment or depriving it of originals due to the heightened scholarly precaution, the forgeries also affect the market of cultural valuables (auctions, exchanges between museums and collectors, etc.).

The spread of counterfeits of ancient numismatic items leads to historical, social, and identity deformations. Addressing this pressing international issue, it is crucial to pinpoint the main measures that need to be undertaken to counteract the threat.

The most effective line of prevention against these processes is the creation of a stable and proactive academic network.

The ACCS Network will allow enhanced knowledge exchange and transfer. It will join the multilateral efforts to solve a problem that requires both academic and cultural relations. This initiative intends to embrace a wide circle of international experts and stakeholders, as auction houses, museums worldwide, etc. Another main aspect and aim of this initiative is the development of an IT-based digital tool that would serve as an active asset for preventing the spread of numismatic counterfeits. There is an acute lack of a specialized platform that would sustain the compilation and analysis of data for the already detected forgeries. Such a tool is crucial for the development of specialized practices to detect currently appearing counterfeited objects or such that have already entered collections and historical reconstructions.